Speaking Engagements



Participants will learn how to incorporate yoga into everyday life by taking small steps to commit to a daily yoga practice. They will take away 10 tips on how to incorporate relaxation, movement and mind body connection into everyday lives. This presentation can also incorporate a 20 min yoga flow or chair yoga practice at the end of Q and A. 

(45 mins to 1 hour 45 mins)


How to be more sustainable in everyday life. Participants will learn to promote sustainability versus green living into their lifestyles. Sustainability is a more long term approach to saving the planet on a smaller scale. This presentation included actionable steps to take with local governments, addresses food deserts, ableism in green living, and tips on taking a personal approach to zero or low waste lifestyles. 

(45 mins)


Learn to look at wellness as a body positive prospective. Participants will learn to incorporate eating a balanced diet of whole foods, movement and a positive mindset in 10 simple steps. Participants will take away ways to incorporate more plant based foods into their daily meals long term. They will also learn how to incorporate movement into their lives to promote longevity rather than short term goals. During this presentation, I will discuss how to manage a healthy lifestyle and avoid shame, attachement to body size and thoughts about eating. 

(45 mins)