I love this recipe. It’s fast, versatile and quick. I can always customize to the vegetables that inspire me when I go to the grocery store. Most recently, I have been inspired by a squash called: chayote. It’s originally from Mexico and it’s a funny looking green thing that totally caught my eye in the store. Google it! :) 

It’s mild in flavor and you can eat it raw or cooked. Raw it tastes like a cucumber. Cooked it tastes more like a regular summer squash. If you can find one try it, if not replace it with your favorite squash. 


2 cloves of chopped garlic
1/2 chopped shallot
1 pack of Spiralized Squash
1 tablespoon of cumin
2 cups of broccoli or your fave Cruciferous veg
1 pack of firm tofu
1 large sweet potato cubed and peeled
1 summer squash
1/4 cup of flax seeds
1 cup of black beans

 Sauté shallot, garlic and a DRIZZLE (and I mean drizzle) of olive oil. Add your broccoli. Throw in your chopped squash.

Cube and bake your sweet potatoes (400 degrees for 15 mins), roast your drained, cute and cubed tofu on a none stick cookie sheet with salt and pepper. Rotate for optimal browning. 
 Saute your sprialized squash with two tablespoons of water, when it’s softened to your liking add your cumin, add to a bowl and enjoy. 

Sprinkle flax seeds or a seed of your choice. Chia seeds are another great option.